Scouting the Divine: Week One #1

Good morning!

I have a few videos today that I thought would enrich your study this week.


An overview video of Scouting the Divine from Margaret Feinberg:

A video of a working farm:

Rooing is removing the fleece from the sheep either by shearing or clipping.  This video is of a shepherdess rooing a Shetland sheep which are the kind of sheep Lynne has in our study.




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4 responses to “Scouting the Divine: Week One #1

  1. Whitney Davis

    The farm video was my favorite! Very interesting…

    • I’m glad you like it!
      I really like the reason behind why they started the farm. The idea of sustainability and producing their own products for consumption but I don’t think I’d like all that hard labor!

  2. Cheryl Crabtree

    I found the rooing of the shetland sheep very interesting. I never knew that could be done!

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