Scouting the Divine: Week One #2

Who knew sheep and shepherding could be so fascinating?!  I feel I’ve learned so much this week.  I love getting back into a study and watching scripture come alive.  How has your week been digging into God’s Word?

Margaret asked us this question, “Why do you think the Bible often compares people to sheep instead of some other kind of animal?”   I would describe sheep as having a quietness about them.  I don’t mean as far as noise is concerned — calmness might be a better word.  I think of them as dependent and docile.

If God sees me as His lamb, how do I approach Him?  How do I behave towards Him?  Do I see Him as my Shepherd?  I should trust Him to lead and guide me knowing He will protect me even when what I see points to the contrary.  I should depend on Him for my every need.  I can be calm and restful knowing my Shepherd is in charge.  What do you think?  How do you feel about God being your Shepherd?

“I am the good shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me, even as the Father knows Me and I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep”  John 10:14,15

Challenge yourself this weekend to memorize this verse from the gospel of John.  I hope this scripture has a deeper and richer connotation for you, like it has for me, after all that we’ve studied and learned about sheep and shepherding this week.

I know,  you might be cringing and groaning on the other side of your screen about having to “memorize” but trust me, the benefits outweigh the momentary discomfort of making your brain ache by learning.

Try employing a few tricks:

  1. Write the verses on an index card that you can carry with you and refer to them throughout the day.
  2. Write the verses on a Post It and affix them to your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator.
  3. Say the verses out loud several times a day during the week.
  4. Write the verses 25 times in a notebook.
  5. Work as a team with a friend.
  6. Reward yourself every time you remember the verses with some type of treat.

I have a wonderful article entitled “Shepherding” and an audio file called ” Meet Lynne the Shepherdess” that are supplemental materials provided for this study.  I’m unable to post them on this site due to copyright restrictions but I can share them via email.  If you would like these articles, please post your email in the comment section or send it to me by email and I’ll send you the links.

If you haven’t viewed the videos I posted on Wednesday, try to watch them this weekend.  They’re not very long.  I think you’ll find them interesting and a nice companion to what you’ve studied so far this week.  ( Click on the word, Wednesday and it’ll take you to the post).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




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10 responses to “Scouting the Divine: Week One #2

  1. Debra

    Please send me the link@
    I am enjoying this study about the sheep! The videos are wonderful! When we were out west, we saw a sheep herd with its Shepard on a horse and a dog! I couldn’t help but think of the scripture of how God is our Shepard!

  2. Kelly

    Interested in supplimental items on shepherding. Thanks!

  3. Mot Lyons

    My e-mail is I would love to get the “extras.” Thanks, Mot

  4. Please e-mail the interview to
    Thanks, Mimi

  5. Kristen Gray

    My email is . I’d love to get the extras!

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