Scouting the Divine: Week Two #1

September 16, 2013 0 Comments

Have you had a great week of study?  I did.  I related to so many wonderful insights and saw many parallels between myself and sheep.

This week, we studied how the shepherd protects his sheep. One of the ways God protected His people was by providing them with the  Ten Commandments.  Margaret posed a question about how we view these commandments.  Do we see them from a sheep’s perspective or a shepherd’s perspective?  I think the question is a valid one and one that really made me think about how I view “rules” and also, how I respond to God’s voice.

In our study this week, we learned that sheep don’t respond to a stranger’s voice.  I learned in some additional reading that sheep listen to the tone of the voice of their shepherd.  They are so intimately attuned to the shepherd’s voice that they never mistake their shepherd’s voice for another.  What a powerful lesson!

I thought about myself and how often I listen to other voices.    More often than I care to admit, the voice I listen to is my own.  When I believe “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” voice,  I’m not hearing my Shepherd’s voice and I’m in danger just like a lamb who has strayed beyond the boundary.  The shepherd uses a slingshot and pitches pebbles around that lamb to get its attention and make it turn back to safety.  I know God has pitched a few pebbles in my path when I’ve walked outside His will.  He was trying to get my attention to turn back to Him.  Have you had a similar experience?

Our assignment this week ended with a powerful reminder that Jesus, as our Good Shepherd, will never allow anyone to snatch us out of His hand.  We are no longer lost but found.  The Shepherd stands in the center of His scattered sheep calling and pitching pebbles until all come to Him.  He does not leave until all have come safely into His presence.

Shetland lambs at play

I will be posting more videos this week from YouTube.  However, if you would like to view the video that was filmed specifically for this study and are unable to attend a local study session, a video is available for purchase at the link below.

Downloadable video session 1 for purchase

We begin Week 2 work today.  Study hard.  I can’t wait to hear about your insights!




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