Scouting the Divine: Week Three #1

Good Morning!

This past week in the study, we learned about particular sheep in Lynne’s flock.  These sheep had various needs and distinct personalities, yet, Lynne knew them so well she could tend to them in an individualized fashion.

Did you see yourself in the story of Opal or Iris?  Maybe, you found yourself nodding in solidarity with Piaget or Alano.   Or, are you like the Brat who tested the boundaries longing to be free?

Our Good Shepherd knows us.  He knows our “flock drama”.  He has the perfect treatment for our illness, our dissatisfaction, our rebelliousness, and our overwhelming need.   God’s arms are wide open to us, welcoming us into the flock.   He longs to meet our needs and longs for us to meet the needs of others.  Will we follow His example and reach out to those Opals, Irises, Alanos, Piagets and Brats with the message of Jesus’s love?

If you’d like to watch the video designed for the study, you may purchase it at this link,  Lifeway video.

 Today marks the completion of a third of the study and look at all you’ve learned.  We have so much more in store for us.  You’re awesome!   Keep at it — YOU CAN DO IT!




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2 responses to “Scouting the Divine: Week Three #1

  1. Earline Kelly

    Mimi and Nancy, I am a little behind but enjoying so much this study…thanks to you both!!

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