Scouting the Divine: Week Four #1

October 1, 2013 0 Comments

Good Morning!

As my husband and I were traveling this week, we passed a field and I thought about all that we’ve studied together this week.


The field offers a rich source of insight, doesn’t it?   I gave thought  from where my contentment comes.   I felt the stab of conviction  about all the abundance I have.  Even though I don’t consider myself a ‘hoarder’, I asked myself hard questions about how open handed I am with the things I do have.   Greed is subtle.   Do I want more like the little girl in the commercial says, “you want more because you want more” or can I be satisfied with enough?  By changing the word, ‘less’ to ‘enough’ , the perspective is entirely different.

I think the real issue might be trust.  Do I trust God, not only to provide but also in His choice of provision?   What are the characteristics of my heart?  What kind of soil have I provided for God’s Word to take root?

I, also, thought about my servanthood to others.  Am I tending to my ‘crop’?    Am I taking even the ‘gleanings’ or am I sharing with others?  How intentional am I living in all areas of my life?

To download the video produced for this study, you may purchase it here.

We leave the fields today and begin Week Four  looking at passages of scripture that center around honey and the beehive.

What did you glean this week from the fields?




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