Scouting the Divine Week Five #1

October 7, 2013 0 Comments

Good morning!

This ministry was named Sweeter Than Honey because I love the imagery of God’s Word being sweet.  I, particularly, like a couple of desserts that  are very sweet: pralines and baklava.   As much as I love those desserts for their intense sugary flavor, I long to desire the sweet taste of God’s Word more.  I want to ingest His Word and get a ‘sugar high’ that is never satisfied.  How about you?

My granddaddy had honeybees when I was growing up.   I loved tasting the fresh honey and chewing the honeycomb.  I also remember how sticky everything became if the smallest amount of honey leaked outside of the jars.   One day, he taught me about drone bees.  He put a drone bee in my hand and told me it was the only bee that didn’t have a stinger.

Bees are amazing creatures.  This week’s lessons reinforced that belief in me.   The hive is a flurry of activity with each bee fulfilling its designated role.  What a wonderful picture of how the church should operate.  If each of us fulfilled the role God called us to and did it to the best of our abilities, can you imagine what the church, universally and locally, could accomplish?

This week, I’ve thought about my role in my local church and if I’m serving and fulfilling what God has called me to do.  I feel that I’ve been pursuing and using the gifts God gave me, but I’ve also thought about times that I think I have gotten in the way of other “bees”  by trying to do their jobs, too.  Holding others back from using their gifts only hurts my ‘hive’ and I need to remember this valuable insight as I serve alongside others.  What lessons did you learn from the hive this week?

Beekeeping Basics

Colony Collapse Disorder

I can hardly believe that we only have a few weeks remaining in our bible study together.  I would love to have feedback  from you about what you’ve liked or disliked about the study or the website and also any suggestions that you feel would improve the website or the handling of the studies online.




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