Scouting the Divine Week 7 #1

October 21, 2013 0 Comments

Good Morning!

This week brings our time together studying Scouting the Divine to an end.  The past 7 weeks have flown by for me.  How about you?   In reviewing this week’s work, two words continued to jump out at me: rest and pruning.

My life seems so busy and hectic and honestly, sometimes I don’t take the pause that I need to recharge and be fully in tune and connected to God.   This week reminded me the necessity of doing just that.  If I don’t abide in Him, dwell in Him, stay connected to Him then, I’m at risk of being tempted into living a life disconnected from Him.   Just like God instructed the Israelites to give the land a rest, I need down time in order to rebuild the nutrients of my faith soil in order to grow and be healthy.  Our culture does not value idleness.  We are a culture of can-do and go-go-go.  We judge only what we see externally and can’t see the true replenishment that is taking place internally.  Fortunately, God’s view is different.  He replenishes our weariness when we turn to Him in our moments of being still before Him.

Pruning is a necessary action to ensure the health and quality of the plant and it’s yield.   I really dislike being pruned.  How about you?  I’ve learned over the years  that pruning, though painful at first, does bring forth a bounty in me that otherwise would not have occurred.   When I don’t fight being pruned by the Master Gardener and accept His precise ‘cuts’, the experience with Him is easier and  I trust Him more.  I long to be fruitful for His glory.  How about you?

Biblical Truths Reveal Unexpected Insights

What an honor and a blessing it has been to share this first online bible study with you!  I hope that you have gained more understanding and knowledge of scripture and of God as we have scouted the divine.   My prayer for you is that your walk with Him has only deepened and become more special and intimate.  I hope that you will join me in our next study starting in January of 2014.  Details will follow later.  In the meantime,  I plan to keep posting on things that inspire, encourage, instruct, challenge and bless our lives as we walk intentionally on our path with Him.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site or if you would like to share your experience of participating in the study, please leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from you!




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