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If you click on the pictures, you will find more information concerning each of these famous Thessalonians.

Isaac Carasso: Founder of Groupe DanoneDannon yogurt

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Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius:  Creators of  the Glagolitic alphabet whose descendant is the Cyrillic alphabet used mostly by Slavic nationalities: Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, etc…

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Saint Demetrius: Patron Saint of Thessaloniki

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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk : Founder of the Republic of Turkey and the first President of Turkey

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Eva Kaili: Architect, Television News Anchor and former Politician

Eva Kaili Eva Kaili of the Social Democrats party PASOK, who announced yesterday that she is not giving her vote in support of Prime Minister George Papandreou, looks on as the confidence vote takes place in the Greek parliament on November 04, 2011 in Athens, Greece. A positive end of the confidence vote is key to Greece receiving a financial aid package worth 130 billion Euros from the E.U. Without this deal sources say Greece will run out of money by the middle of December.image via Zimbio, by Vladimir Rys/Getty images Europe




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