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I’m so excited today to begin this incredible study by Matt Chandler.  Pastor Chandler serves as the lead pastor at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas.  He is also involved in church-planting efforts, locally and internationally.

In the introduction to the study, Matt Chandler writes that after hearing several testimonies of new believers sharing that they had grown up in church but had never heard the gospel; he began to ponder a question which became the basis for this study.

“How can you grow up going to church every week and not hear the gospel?”

As he thought about that question and talked with others, he came to the conclusion that the gospel had not been taught or proclaimed  in a way that was explicit.  Matt Chandler longs for us “to grasp the centrality of the gospel for all of our Christian life, from the moment of salvation, through the lifelong process of sanctification and continuing into eternity” as we study over the next six weeks.

I can enthusiastically say after working a small portion of the study that I can’t wait to understand more about this foundational component of faith.  The information is concise, compelling, and transformative.

This week begin working on the Week 1 section of lessons in your workbook.  I will provide a recap next Monday on what we’ve studied over this past week.  I will also share videos or articles that I think will enhance our understanding and study over the weeks to come.

If you have not ordered a book and/or would like to purchase the videos that are offered with the study, you can find them here.   Be sure to order the yellow workbook for participation in our study.  Pastor Chandler has also written a book entitled The Explicit Gospel that is a companion piece to the study.  I have not finished reading the book or the bible study, so at this time, I can’t say if the material is the same or not.





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    January 27, 2015

    The message tonight in introductory session let me know I NEED to hear the gospel, for I do not completely STAND in the gospel. Rather I tend to lean toward self-reliance…much too often.
    I am challenged already. Hope others join in and HEAR the message!

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      January 27, 2015

      So well said …I’m looking forward to the rest of the study!

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