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Starting September 21st, we will be studying the book of Ephesians. I can’t wait to begin! Only 6 chapters long but Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus packs a punch and is filled with timely messages we need to hear today. We will learn about how we are chosen by God, how we are members of His family, how we are to walk the walk we talk, and how to stand firm in adversity. This 10 week study is produced by Precept Ministries International.  Each week, I will post a review of the previous week’s work along with additional pertinent materials to enhance the study and to encourage you in the journey. I look forward to learning more about this epistle from Paul with you.

Publisher’s description:

Ephesians – The Church: Rooted in Love, Walking in Power

“Chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world, targeted by grace, sons of God united in a single family, inheritors, holy, redeemed, forgiven, raised from the dead and seated with Jesus Christ in the heavenlies! How can you not study Ephesians!? Before Paul even hints at how believers should live, he lays a rock-solid foundation: who we are in Christ! If you think you’re just a cog in a machine, if you don’t know your true identity, then this study is for you. Praise God for what He planned in eternity past and is waiting to reveal to you now . . . through the study of His Word. Learn who and what you are in Christ and you’ll want to walk God’s ways the rest of your life!”

Click on the book above to order your copy today! *Make sure to order the NASB version. If you would like the accompanying DVD series to this study, they are available for purchase on the same page as the workbook when you click on the link. These videos enhance the study but are not a requirement. With this study, you will also need colored pens or pencils and a binder. The study comes loose and hole punched for a binder. The colored pens are for marking in the provided texts in the study.

I can’t wait to start! How about you?




September 4, 2015


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