Taste and See Starting Soon!

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“In this global culinary and spiritual adventure, you’ll cast nets in the Sea of Galilee, descend 410 feet into a salt mine, bake matzo at Yale University, harvest olives in Croatia, study with a Texas butcher, and visit a premier fig farm. “This journey changed my life, my faith, my future, ” Margaret writes. ” It moved me from fear and uncertainty to discover a vibrant faith again – I believe it will do the same for you.” With delightful curiosity and whimsical humor, you’ll learn to nurture deeper connections around any table and discover the satisfying, fruitful life you’ve been created for. This is an invitation to taste and see God’s goodness, and there’s a place set just for you.”

Good Morning!

This six week study by Margaret Feinberg will begin the week of March 4, 2019. As with many newer Bible studies, this one offers a companion book along with the workbook. The companion book provides personal insights and applications to the lesson as well as additional information pertinent to the study. Each week the lesson plan contains four workbook lessons and one activity lesson. These lessons will need to be completed before the next week. I will provide an overview of the week’s lessons each week. The study also has an accompanying video lesson. If you would like to watch these sessions, they will also need to be purchased. I’m unable to provide these videos online due to copyright laws.

Here are a couple of helpful links to purchase the materials.

I hope you’ll join me!




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