Already September

September 9, 2019 0 Comments

And quickly it became September. 

This sentence sounds like an interesting beginning to a story. Each of our stories with God have a starting point. They become beautiful as God takes the entirety of our path and weaves it into an incredible tapestry representing our lives. While we barely understand each stitch, He knows exactly what the next color should be and where the stitch should be made. I find that fact comforting as I stumble along making choices. I know God ultimately holds all of it in His hands.

Summer’s closure fast approaches and is coming too soon for me.  At the start, I had a summer’s worth of plans laid out. Few things were accomplished. I feel good about that. After all, isn’t that what a break from regular life should be?

Now into September, I realize that I need to get things rolling with regard to a bible study. I would like to tell you that I have things all figured out but I’m still listening and waiting to feel God’s tug toward a particular one. I’m hoping to have clarity soon. Until then, I’ll start back posting and sharing things that I hope will lift your spirit.




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