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Paul’s Second Missionary Journey: Additional Information #3

Good Morning! Here’s some additional information to enhance your study of Paul’s second missionary journey. Blessings, Mimi Philippi: BiblePlaces Philippi: Wikipedia Philippi: Unesco Amphipolis: Britannica Amphipolis: BiblePlaces Apollonia: BibleWalks Apollonia: The Bible Journey Thessalonica: BiblePlaces Thessalonica: Ancient History Encyclopedia Thessalonica: Wikipedia Berea: Wikipedia Athens: BiblePlaces Athens: The British Museum Athens: Britannica Macedonia: Bible Study Tools

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey: Lesson 9

Today, we travel with Paul and his companions about one hundred miles from Philippi to Thessalonica with a couple of pit stops in between. They most likely took this trip in three stages. Amphipolis and Apollonia broke the trip from Philippi to Thessalonica into roughly three equal distance journeys and would have taken approximately three…