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Twelve Disciples

Bartholomew/Nathanael: Additional Information

Good Morning! If you missed the post about Bartholomew/ Nathanael on Monday, click here. Bartholomew the Apostle: Wikipedia Nathanael (follower of Jesus): Wikipedia Who was Bartholomew:  Nathanael- The True Israelite: Common Men, Uncommon Calling:Nathanael: Grace to You -John MacArthur  Topical Bible:Nathanael: Blessings, Mimi

The Twelve Apostles of Jesus: Bartholomew/Nathanael

Good Morning! The summer series on The Twelve Apostles of Jesus reaches the halfway mark today as we learn about the sixth apostle. This apostle is known by two names: Bartholomew and Nathanael. In the Synoptic gospels, he is called Bartholomew but in the Gospel of John, he is referred to as Nathanael. Scholars, through a process…

The Twelve Apostles of Jesus: Peter

Good Morning! I began the summer focus series on the Twelve Apostles of Jesus last week starting with Andrew. Did you enjoy learning more about him? Today, I’m turning our attention toward Peter. The biblical information written about Peter is lengthy, therefore, I’m breaking down his story into two parts: Peter’s time with Jesus and Peter’s time after…